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The Ride and Tie Association Veterinary Scholarship

January, 2015

The $1,000 Ride and Tie Association Jim Steere Memorial Scholarship will be available again this year to any student enrolled in a veterinary program in the United States.

The scholarship is awarded to the veterinary student who submits the best short article (700-1,000 words) that is useful for publication in the Ride & Tie Newsletter. The article may be technical or scientific, or may relate to experience with horses and/or competition. Veterinary students at Washington State University, Colorado State University and U.C. Davis are past recipients.

Each article must have a cover page that includes name, current address, year in veterinary school, and title of article. A bibliography of sources used is also required.

Send submissions to by June 1st 2015. The winning article will be selected by a committee chaired by the Ride and Tie Association's head veterinarian. The selection will be announced at the world championship event, June 27th, 2015. The winning article will be posted in the following R&T newsletter.

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Chris Amaral, President

Greg Fellers, DVM, Head Veterinarian

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