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The Ride and Tie Association
PO Box 2750
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067


E-mail Addresses:


Membership: Susan Smyth SusanSmythJackson@gmail.com916-663-9410


President: Gunilla Pratt

Media Relations: Ben Volk 509-521-6249

Sponsoring Ride & Tie: Susan Smyth 916-663-9410

Seeking or Becoming a Mentor: Susan Smyth 916-663-9410

Scheduling a Ride & Tie event: Dr. Lani Newcomb 540-554-2004

History Questions/Facts: Annette Parsons

Ride & Tie Newsletter:Gunilla Pratt

Head Vet: Greg Fellers, DVM


Website content:Kirsten Seyferth

Endowment Fund: John Osterweis


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Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes and By-Laws


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